Seven Things about CornGuo

Via: Blog: timdream

(Is it a rule that I have to write in English?)

The Rules

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7 Facts

  • I once have decided not to study Computer Science. However, I’m now a postgraduate of CS.
  • I’m easily be effected by surroundings, that is, may be sad when the weather is not so good.
  • However, good coffee or smiles of yours makes me a brighter day.
  • For me, family and friends are much more important than everything.
  • I’m kind a lazy bone, also a boring man.
  • What I’d like to, but never said: “No, I won’t fix your computer.”
  • Though you might think I enjoy my life, but the truth is, I’m still figuring out how to enjoy it.


  • timdream: (Yes, I’m tagging you back) One who have a CS brain but studied Physics, brings me new thoughts about what I’m doing.
  • cloudping423: A beauty who shares her happiness with the others, keep smiling. :)
  • tim0629: A good advisor, one who can be trusted on when you’re not sure what to do.
  • woodiex: A friend who always pushes you to the limit, and then another.
  • askeing: Do you know you are one of those who make me decided to study CS?

It’s okay if you’re not willing to write 7 facts about you. :)

That’s all. :p