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Features (?)

  • I don’t smoke, but I drink when I’m sad
  • I like to read, but is slow when the text is not on the screen
  • I can write programs, but not when it comes to homework
  • I’m just me, not the others

How Others Call Me

Formally: Kuo, Yu-Min
Nick: 玉米 (Sounds like “Yui-Mee”, which means “corn” in Chinese)

People on the Internet call me “CornGuo”, as a combination of my nickname and last name. So far, it’s unique.

Brief Introduction

Hi, there. :)

Hello, there. I finished my MA of Computer Science in NTOU, or National Taiwan Ocean University, and now am PhD student. I started to log my life digitally since I had my very first PDA at about a decade ago. This blog is a part of my life, and also a place to complain, to make laugh of something, or to pose some problems I’ve encountered. You could treat it as my public diary, however.

你好。我是基隆國立台灣海洋大學的資訊工程學系的碩士畢業生,同時也仍是博士生。約莫十年前,在我買了第一台 PDA 後,便開始以數位的方式記錄我的生活,這個 Blog 是我生活的一部分,也是我生活的記事本,某種程度來說,你可以把它當成是公開的我的日記。

The articles in my blog are mostly in Chinese, If you’re interested of the article I post, please let me know, and I’d try to translate them into English.

More About Me


  • Currently work as Engineer @ iProspect Taiwan


Interested in

  • 網頁相關 scripting / Web page scripting (mainly in PHP & JS)
  • FreeBSD 與相關應用 / FreeBSD and its applications
  • 資料庫系統與相關應用 / Database System applications (PostgreSQL, MySQL)
  • 自然語言處理與資料檢索 / Natural Language Processing & Information Retrieval
  • 資料探勘相關應用 / Data Mining and its applications (for fun)