Recently, I’m wondering about some reactions by people who around us.

It’s usually said that people should not judge one by his (or her) appearance,
but, consider it carefully, DID we really hold that when we meet someone?

There will not be positive answer, however.

So, what’s going on when we see one at a glance?

At a time, hundreds of thousands notions flashed through our mind;
what’s the most one we thought?

Are good guys handsome? Are ugly girls must be annoying?
It’s unfair that we mark one by what we saw, isn’t it?

But that is the turly reaction of a man, that we couldn’t deny..

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It’s inevitable…It’s a human nature.
However, even though you can’t change others’ attitude, you can change yours.. :)

Hum, indeed :p

Oh, BTW..

Wish you’d pass the final exam
..so do I = =||